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Our Team


Gerard Michael 

President, board member, co-founder

Jerry co-founded Smartleaf in 1999 to reduce the operational burden of managing customized, tax, risk and expense sensitive personal portfolios.  Smartleaf began selling its overlay portfolio management solution to banks, trusts and financial services companies in 2003, and the company has become a leader in this space with over 50 clients and over $50 billion in assets under management. Smartleaf’s clients increasingly use this as the chassis for their entire wealth management offerings.

Before founding Smartleaf, Jerry was a founder and director of Crimson & Brown Associates, which was sold to a division of the Washington Post, providing a tenfold return to its investors. 

B.A., Math, B.A. Computer Science, Univ. of Wisconsin. Series 65


Robert McKinley


Bob has been at Smartleaf since 2002 and directs all client support and outreach, including overseeing all initial client implementations and ongoing client support.   Bob has also managed relationships with Smartleaf’s distribution partners, and has over 20 years of executive experience in operations, finance, client service, client management and program installations.

Before joining Smartleaf, Bob was Vice President of Operations at NEON (New Era of Networks), where he also led customer service and client operations.   He has also been Director of Technical Support and Training at Shiva and Head of Logistics at Teradyne. 

B.S., Civil Engineering. B.S., Management, MIT MBA, Harvard


Stefan Mitropolitsky


Stefan joined Smartleaf in 2008 and leads the technology and product management teams. Prior to Smartleaf, he developed software platforms for e-commerce and distribution logistics at StoreSpinner.

Stefan also spent time working on portfolio analytics and applications at Fannie Mae and on chemical sensor hardware at the Naval Research Lab.

B.S., Operations Research and Engineering, Cornell


Jim Taylor

Vice President of Operations 

Jim is a co-founder of Smartleaf and has been with the company since its 1999 inception.  Jim is deeply involved in client support, including processing client corporate actions, accounting and finance.   Jim also runs Smartleaf’s office operations and human resources.

Jim has a long history of working with successful startups.  Before Smartleaf he was Director of Operations at Flash Communications, a precursor to instant messaging that was acquired by Microsoft.  He also ran operations and development for Valent Software, which was acquired by Lycos.  Jim has a B.S. in Economics with a physics minor from MIT, and has coached MIT’s tennis and squash teams since 1965.

B.S. Economics, MIT


Robert Thau

Chief architect

Robert has worked at Smartleaf since 1999 and is entrusted with designing and updating new financial features for Smartleaf’s overlay system, such as fixed income trading and forced tax loss harvesting.  He also oversees the installation of Smartleaf’s overlay portfolio management system with all clients.  To date, 100% of Smartleaf’s installations have been successful and on time.  Additionally, Robert oversees the company’s overall design and product structure, and assists clients with integration issues.

Robert is the principal author of the widely used Apache web server version 1.0.  He and the other members of the development team were awarded the 1999 ACM Software System Award for their achievement.  Robert has designed and implemented Internet systems that support medical decision making for W3Health Corp, and massively-parallel data-retrieval systems for Thinking Machines Corp. 

B.S., Biology, Harvard. Ph.D., Brain & Cognitive Science, MIT


Oleg Bayborodin

Director of Financial engineering

Oleg joined Smartleaf in 2012 and leads the Financial Engineering team since 2013, overseeing all research activities and development of the Smartleaf Analytics Engine. Before joining Smartleaf, Oleg was designing visualization and randomization algorithms at Autodesk and doing statistical research and search engine optimization analysis at Tripadvisor. 

Ph.D. Mathematics, Northeastern

Mark Nitzberg Smartleaf Advisor

Mark Nitzberg

Co-founder and Senior advisor 

Dr. Nitzberg is currently Executive Director of UC Berkeley's Center for Human Compatible AI, as well as head of strategic outreach for Berkeley AI Research (BAIR). He began studying AI as a stowaway student at MIT in the early 1980's and wrote his Ph.D. in Computer Vision and Human Perception in 1991 under David Mumford at Harvard University. Mark has built companies and products in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, financial portfolio optimization, workflow efficiencies, online commerce, development aid data capture and analytics, and film and theatre. Most recently, he was the Director of Computer Vision Products at A9/Amazon following their aquisition of The Blindsight Corporation, a maker of assistive technologies for low vision and active aging, where Mark was founding CEO.

B.A. Mathematics and Music Composition, University of Oregon. Ph.D. Computer Science, Harvard.