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Make Portfolio Management Frictionless

Smartleaf is an automated portfolio rebalancing platform. We make portfolio management frictionless, enabling wealth-advisory firms to provide every client with exceptional customization and tax management.

How We Do It

Customize Every Account, With No Incremental Effort

Provide every client with the customization they deserve. Options include custom asset allocations, custom product choice, ESG/SRI constraints and more.

A User's Guide to Customization

Expertly Tax Manage Every Portfolio, With No Incremental Effort

Provide every client with expert, automated tax management, including tax-sensitive transition management, wash sale avoidance, ongoing gains deferral, year-round tax-loss harvesting and tax budgets.

A Guide to Tax Management 

Grow Your Business

Improve service, increase efficiency, increase referrals and gain wallet share.

Grow Your Business

Manage Every Portfolio As If It Were Your Only Portfolio

Empower advisors to deliver customized, tax-optimized solutions to investors, while spending zero time rebalancing portfolios.

What We Mean When We Say Automated

Demonstrate Your Value - Report Taxes Saved

In 2021, Smartleaf users saved their clients an estimated average of 3.20% of portfolio value through active tax management. 

Taxes Saved Report

Deliver the Power of Direct Indexing

Provide clients with customized, tax-optimized direct indexes with no increase in operational complexity. Buying and selling direct indexes becomes as easy as buying and selling ETFs.

Direct Indexes Are Better Than ETFs

Automate Household-level Rebalancing

Jointly manage a group of accounts to a common asset allocation in an automated, tax-optimized manner. 

Automated UMH Rebalancing 

Smartleaf automates the rebalancing of investment portfolios

If you’re a wealth advisor, we enable you to manage every portfolio as if it were your only portfolio, with a level of customization and tax management that was once the exclusive preserve of the ultra wealthy.


Balance Tax Management and Risk

Review every account, every day, for tax management opportunities. This includes tax-loss harvesting, short-to-long term gains deferral, permanent gains deferral, tax sensitive transition. Adjust the tax management preferences for each client based on their tax rates and set a tax budget.

Customized Icon

Take on Complexity and Customization

At the account and household-level, add any level of customization on the target asset allocation they are following. Allocation weights, product mix, sector and security restrictions, and social screens.

growth icon

Grow Rapidly Through Acquisition or Organically

Automate asset allocation, model changes, customization and tax optimization across 100 accounts to 100,000+. Your daily workflow? Two people, two hours.

You Can Use Smartleaf To

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Go Upmarket

Have the ability to customize for specific client requests. Say yes to tax management and social screens.

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Go Downmarket

Redefine “minimum account size”, and bring the highest quality of portfolio management to your smallest client relationship.

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Bring Trading In-House

Decrease costs, increase customization. Your capital market assumptions, your asset allocations, your tax management practices, your customization, reviewed every single day.

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Scale Your Business

Proactive, not reactive. We work with you to automate your workflow to match your practice and support your growth.