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Smartleaf's Advisor Portal: Demo Video

Watch a short demo of how to onboard and customize a new account using Smartleaf's Advisor Portal. We'll replace an ETF with a direct index, add a tobacco screen, add a security constraint, configure custom cash management settings, and then set up a multi-year, tax-sensitive transition. 

All in about six minutes. 


About The Advisor Portal

Smartleaf provides investor-facing advisors with a dedicated portal for setting up accounts, entering customization and tax management preferences, and notifying the trading group that the client wants to withdraw cash. As the advisor sets up the portfolio, the portal gives them and their clients real-time feedback on the tax and risk implications of their customization choices, helping clients make informed decisions. For example, if you add a social screen, the portal will tell you how much of the current portfolio would be liquidated and the tax consequences. And, for new accounts, the system will, in real time, show you proposed first trades and provide you with a projection of a multi-year tax-optimized transition plan.