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Raptor Trading System Announces Successful Trading Platform Integration with Smartleaf

Raptor Trading Systems and Smartleaf successfully integrate their systems to create an industry-leading automated rebalancing and trade order management solution.

NEW YORK -- Raptor Trading Systems, a leading provider of trading platforms and custodian connectivity, announced that it has successfully integrated with Smartleaf’s market-leading automated rebalancing platform for a large investment manager. The combined Smartleaf – Raptor offering provides a comprehensive rebalancing solution suitable for any firm looking to bring scale and efficiency to the management of highly customized, tax-optimized portfolios.

“Intense pressure for efficiency has created demand for more advanced trading tools to manage the execution of increasingly complex strategies, Raptor’s trading platform can be seamlessly integrated to provide advanced functionality, improve transparency, and flexibility,” said Sunny Kim, Head of Global Sales for Raptor. ”Automation, costs and regulatory scrutiny are key factors driving the need for trading platforms such as Raptor. Working with industry leading partners such as Smartleaf has enabled us to serve the needs of a diverse range of clients, including roboadvisors, RIA firms, and TAMPs while optimizing and updating their trade execution processes.”

Gerard Michael, President of Smartleaf, added, “We’re delighted to provide our clients with integrated trading functionality through Raptor. Our clients want best of breed functionality. But they don’t want to be system integrators. Integrations like this solve client problems.”

About Raptor

Raptor Trading Systems is a leading provider of connectivity and trading services and platforms. Raptor’s platform and services help firms bridge the gaps across trading workflows, eliminating much of the complexities and overhead associated with integrating an advanced trading solution and connecting with custodians through our network of over 25,000 managed FIX connections.

With offices in New York City, Maryland, and Toronto, Raptor supports a broad set of clients across Retail and Wealth Management to Institutional trading through a team of experienced industry professionals with decades of experience. Raptor’s unique set of solutions are ideal for firms looking to rapidly establish and expand their trading capabilities.

About Smartleaf

Founded in Cambridge, MA in 1999, Smartleaf offers the market’s most advanced portfolio rebalancing system, designed from conception to support compliant, customized, tax-optimized portfolio management at scale. Smartleaf enables its clients to provide all of their clients a level of custom portfolio management that was once the exclusive preserve of ultra-high-net-worth investors.

It’s innovative Taxes Saved and Health Checks reports, Smartleaf is transforming the client experience, enabling wealth management firms to show each investor a personalized record of continuous oversight, meticulous care and exceptional value.

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