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Introducing Smartleaf Asset Management

Smartleaf, Inc.'s Fully-Owned Subsidiary Leverages Smartleaf's Technology to Manage Direct Index Portfolios

Cambridge, MA — February 13, 2015 — Smartleaf, Inc. announced that it has launched a fully-owned asset management subsidiary, Smartleaf Asset Management, LLC, that will leverage Smartleaf’s automated investment analytics to manage direct index portfolios called Core Portfolios.

Smartleaf Core Portfolios (SCPs) challenge the notion that ETFs are the best investment vehicle on the market. SCPs are stock portfolios that aim to track an index while providing:

  • Active tax management
  • Customization and socially responsible investing
  • Transitioning

Smartleaf Asset Management will also offer index-tracking Smartleaf Core Models (SCMs), available through third-party model managers.

Smartleaf Asset Management (SAM) is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor.  Please contact us for more information. 



Director of Product Management