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CircleBlack and Smartleaf Partner to Provide an Integrated Management Solution to Benefit Both Firms’ Clients

The combined offering provides a unified wealth management platform with a highly scalable trading and rebalancing solution suitable for any firm looking to bring efficiency to the management of highly customized, tax-optimized portfolios.


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Jersey City, NJ., January 19, 2022— CircleBlack, a unified wealth management platform, and Smartleaf Inc., a leading provider of automated portfolio rebalancing and tax optimization solutions for wealth managers, RIAs, TAMPs, broker/dealers and banks, today announced a partnership to deliver a tightly integrated and highly sophisticated portfolio management solution.


The unified solution allows CircleBlack to seamlessly integrate Smartleaf’s trading and rebalancing functionality into its platform, enabling greater efficiency for Advisors, and firms that service them. The partnership also provides Smartleaf with a new distribution and data aggregation partner, expanding the markets Smartleaf can serve and the custodians it can support.

Smartleaf delivers an automated portfolio rebalancing platform that enables wealth advisory firms to efficiently provide every client with exceptional customization and optimized tax management. Smartleaf’s automated platform is used to manage accounts of all sizes and complexity, from $5 robo-advisor fractional share ETF portfolios to high net worth, tax-optimized unified managed households (UMHs) with direct index cores. Smartleaf’s registered investment advisory subsidiary, Smartleaf Asset Management LLC (SAM), leverages Smartleaf’s automated rebalancing platform to provide wealth advisors with configurable, customized, tax-optimized outsourced overlay portfolio management services.

“CircleBlack prides itself on partnering with industry leading solutions that we can tightly integrate into our powerful wealth management platform to deliver efficiencies to our clients,” said Alex Sauickie, CEO and President of CircleBlack. “Smartleaf’s advanced rebalancing and trading tools provide highly scalable rebalancing with complex personalization options. Partnering with Smartleaf allows us to provide an unparalleled solution in the marketplace.”

“We are thrilled about our strategic partnership with CircleBlack,” noted Gerard Michael, President of Smartleaf. “Using CircleBlack’s established data aggregation and custodial integrations allows us to more rapidly bring advanced solutions to our clients. In addition, we will now be able to offer our SaaS and sub-advisory clients a fully integrated platform.”



About CircleBlack

CircleBlack, Inc. provides financial advisors with technology that aggregates data, integrates other financial applications seamlessly, manages data from multiple custodians and delivers actionable intelligence about client portfolios, helping advisors better manage clients’ wealth while growing and deepening advisor-client relationships. CircleBlack provides a leading platform built for the digital age, with a web-based and mobile application that can be taken anywhere and accessed anytime. CircleBlack’s solution leverages proprietary technology that helps sustain the Company’s unique competitive advantages. CircleBlack believes in making wealth management better, for both the investor and the advisor. For more information about CircleBlack, visit


About Smartleaf

Smartleaf delivers an automated portfolio rebalancing platform that supports efficient and compliant management of highly customized and tax optimized portfolios at unprecedented scale. To learn more about Smartleaf and its subsidiary Smartleaf Asset Management (SAM), visit


About Smartleaf Asset Management (SAM)

Smartleaf Asset Management LLC (SAM) is a fully owned subsidiary of Smartleaf. SAM leverages Smartleaf’s automated rebalancing platform to provide wealth advisors with configurable, customized, tax-optimized outsourced rebalancing and trade execution services. To learn more about SAM, visit


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