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Smartleaf InVest 2019 Demo: Householding


A seven-minute demo of Smartleaf’s householding functionality





We recently shared that we’re rolling out support for automated household-level rebalancing. (See Automated Household-Level Rebalancing for a description.) At the In|Vest 2019 conference this summer, we gave a seven-minute demo. Our goal is to enable wealth advisors to manage multiple accounts to a single target, leveraging tax-advantaged accounts to reduce taxes overall. And do so at scale.

Smartleaf’s mission is to leverage institutional-grade analytics to democratize portfolio management — to make it economically viable for wealth managers to deliver to all their clients the quality of portfolio management that was previously the exclusive preserve of ultra-high-net-worth investors. Our automated household-level rebalancing functionality is an important milestone in advancing this mission.


President, Co-Founder