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Smartleaf: How Overlay Portfolio Management Changes Workflows

Separating Guidance, Security Selection, Customization and Rebalancing Leads to Better Daily Operations for Wealth Managers.

Cambridge, MA – April 24, 2013 – Smartleaf, a leading provider of overlay portfolio management solutions since 1999, today released the second installment in their introductory white paper series. The series discusses overlay portfolio management technology and its implications for investment firms, portfolio managers and investors.

How Overlay Changes Your Workflow,” provides a glimpse at the daily operations of wealth management before and after implementing an overlay system. The paper discusses how firms using overlay implement investment guidelines, how they customize and tax manage accounts, and how buy lists and research get reflected in investments. It also outlines options for separating rebalancing, customization and model creation, providing firms with the option to divide roles that were previously combined. Firms can assign such roles to those best suited to the task, increasing efficiency and strengthening each firm’s core competencies.

“With our second white paper, we want to help people understand what their world will look like on a day-to-day basis with overlay,” says Smartleaf President Jerry Michael. Each white paper in the series is available on Smartleaf’s website at:

About Smartleaf

Smartleaf helps wealth management institutions grow by streamlining the way they manage customized investment accounts. We offer an overlay portfolio management solution currently used to oversee more than $50 Billion in assets.

At the firm level, Smartleaf is a tool for rapidly distributing and implementing investment ideas. At the account level, it automates customized rebalancing to free portfolio managers from manual tasks. Unlike other portfolio management solutions, Smartleaf provides proactive trade recommendations for every account, along with daily metrics to help managers identify opportunities to add value.

Banks using Smartleaf have lowered the dispersion of their investment accounts by 60%, reduced client tax burden by more than 75% and implemented their investment ideas up to 10 times faster.

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