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Smartleaf Study Shows Tax-Sensitive Transition Saves 6.92% of  Portfolio Value

Cambridge, MA — October 16, 2015 — Today Smartleaf released preliminary findings of a Transition Study to analyze the potential benefits when transitioning legacy assets.  Using market data from the close of June 26th 2015, researchers took the large cap holdings of 18,000 accounts, and compared transitioning to a direct index model against liquidating them and investing in an ETF.  The tax-sensitive transition of assets to a direct index saved 6.92% in portfolio value.  Accounts transitioned to the direct index also had a net tax benefit 46.3% of the time, compared to only 4.8% of accounts transitioned to an ETF.  

For more information, please see our research brief.

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Smartleaf helps wealth management institutions grow by streamlining the way they manage customized investment accounts. We offer an overlay portfolio management solution currently used to oversee more than $50 Billion in assets.

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