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Smartleaf Announces that its platform has been selected by Zoe Financial to Deliver Personalized, Tax-optimized Rebalancing



Boston - May 9th, 2024 - Smartleaf, whose software platform enables wealth advisors to deliver portfolio personalization and tax optimization at scale, today announced that its platform has been selected by Zoe Financial (Zoe), whose client-first technology connects individual investors with a curated network of trusted financial advisors and helps advisors manage their clients’ wealth through its wealth platform. Through this collaboration, Zoe will be able to interactively provide prospects and advisors’ clients with personalized, tax-optimized rebalancing solutions while freeing advisors from having to spend time on complex tasks such as rebalancing and trading portfolios, enabling advisors to spend more time with clients. Smartleaf’s advanced analytics will enable advisors to provide year-round tax loss harvesting, risk-sensitive gains deferral, wash avoidance, tax budgets, gains budgets,  tax-optimized transition and optimal tax-lot selection. 

Designed for scalability, Smartleaf’s system will enable Zoe to grow rapidly while delivering exceptional portfolio management to investors. 

Jerry Michael, President of Smartleaf, commented “Zoe is set to transform the process by which investors find and grow their wealth with financial advisors. Zoe’s Wealth  Platform supports high levels of transparency, personalization and tax management, taking investors from matching with the advisors through to ongoing personalized, tax-optimized portfolio management. We are thrilled to support Zoe’s client-centric mission.”

Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA/Founder and CEO of Zoe, added “We are pleased to be working with an exceptional  system for the management of personalized, tax-optimized portfolios. It is part of Zoe’s dedication to creating an innovative Wealth Platform and helping clients achieve their goals.”

For more information about Smartleaf, visit You can read the full release here.

About Smartleaf:

Smartleaf’s SaaS platform enables wealth advisory firms to provide every client of every size the highest levels of customization and tax management. With Smartleaf, customization and tax-management options are simply choices on pull-down menus, and implementation is automated. Smartleaf supports tax-optimized holistic unified managed accounts (UMAs) and tax-optimized unified managed householding (UMH).  With Smartleaf, working with direct indexes is as easy as working with ETFs. Client-facing advisors spend zero time rebalancing and trading portfolios, freeing them to focus on clients. Its solution is used to manage over $60 billion, encompassing everything from custom-tailored $100 million taxable accounts to $5 robo accounts with fractional shares.

About Zoe Financial:

Zoe aims to help grow and protect wealth through exceptional client experience and innovative technology for independent RIAs and individuals. Through Zoe's platform, individuals can connect with vetted fiduciary financial advisors across the United States based on their unique financial situation. Zoe’s platform brings account opening, funding, automated rebalancing, and commission-free fractional trading into one cohesive advisory experience. For more information, visit  

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