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Excuse Us While We Brag About Our Clients

Our 2016 Taxes Saved numbers are in, and our clients saved their clients $166,786,368 — an average of 1.57% of assets that were actively tax managed. That’s more than most advisors charge in fees.


It’s great that our clients did great. But what’s really important is that their clients, individual investors, know it. Each investor can see a Taxes Saved report showing just how much their advisor has saved them in taxes through active tax management, and this documentation of value makes all the difference. Most investors don’t really know if their advisors are adding value. But if their advisor is using Smartleaf, they do.

We realize we’re bragging here — albeit backed with data. And that’s the point. Advisors should brag more, as long as they can prove that they're adding value. 

Winston Churchill supposedly said of his rival Clement Attlee, “he’s a modest man who has much to be modest about.” That’s not what you want your clients to be saying about you. And that’s why we’re proud our clients have so much to be immodest about.


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President, Co-Founder