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Smartleaf Surpasses $50 Billion in AUM, Cementing Its Role as Direct Indexing and Rebalancing Leader

Smartleaf announced its total assets under management have now exceeded $50 billion. This milestone not only signifies the maturity of Smartleaf's cutting-edge technology but also reflects the growing demand for its services, which streamline personalization and tax optimization for both advisors and investors

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Boston, October 31, 2023Smartleaf, the industry leader in the provision of automated, customized, tax-sensitive rebalancing systems, today announced its total assets under management have now exceeded $50 billion. This milestone not only signifies the maturity of Smartleaf's cutting-edge technology but also reflects the growing demand for its services, which streamline personalization and tax optimization for both advisors and investors. Further, it underscores the market's clear recognition of these capabilities as vital competencies, rather than mere products.

Founded in 1999, Smartleaf enables wealth advisors to deliver personalization and tax management with unprecedented scale. With Smartleaf's intuitive platform, portfolio customization is as straightforward as selecting choices from pull-down menus, and implementation is seamlessly automated. This, in turn, allows financial advisors to spend zero time on portfolio rebalancing and trading, granting them the invaluable freedom to prioritize what truly matters – their clients' financial goals and well-being. 

Smartleaf’s approach is notable for simplifying the direct indexing experience, offering a level of user-friendliness comparable to exchange-traded fund (ETF) investing. Its automated rebalancing capabilities enable advisors to effortlessly manage portfolios through actionable, compliant trades that align with client preferences and tax considerations. Unlike systems that use sleeves or sub-accounts, Smartleaf manages entire portfolios holistically, optimizing tax efficiency and risk. The platform provides advisors with the means to illustrate the tax and risk implications of any customization choices. Moreover, it enables advisors to document value by reporting for each account the taxes saved or deferred through active tax management. These standout features make Smartleaf a preferred choice for advisors seeking efficient, personalized, and tax-optimized portfolio management.

"This latest milestone is a testament to the trust our clients have placed in us and the unwavering dedication of our team," said Gerard Michael, president of Smartleaf. "It reflects not only our commitment to delivering exceptional value to financial advisors and their clients but also the growing recognition of our approach’s simplicity and effectiveness. We see this milestone as a launchpad for our future growth, firmly establishing Smartleaf as an industry frontrunner.” 

Smartleaf has helped firms move upmarket by offering industry-leading transition, customization and tax-optimization services. By implementing hyper-efficient delivery models, Smartleaf also enables firms to economically serve the emerging mass affluent. Its team is dedicated to upholding a fiduciary standard and serving clients with precision and integrity.

Michael concluded: “We're enthusiastic about advancing our mission to make personalization and tax optimization accessible and scalable for financial professionals and their clients, and we have no intention of slowing down. Our strategic roadmap includes expanding our advisor portal, enhancing functionality, and integrating with more custodians to ensure we consistently deliver the best outcomes for advisors and their clients."

Smartleaf enables firms to implement a consistent and efficient rebalancing workflow, even for highly customized and tax-optimized portfolios. This supports the delivery of superior client service at lower costs and with heightened compliance.

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About Smartleaf:

Smartleaf has reimagined the way portfolios are managed, enabling wealth advisory firms to provide every client of every size the highest levels of customization and tax management. With Smartleaf, customization and tax-management options are simply choices on pull-down menus, and implementation is automated. Client-facing advisors spend zero time rebalancing and trading portfolios, freeing them to focus on clients. Its solution is used to manage over $50 billion, encompassing everything from custom-tailored $100 million taxable accounts to $5 robo accounts with fractional shares. 


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