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Video: Rebalancing Automation: Lessons From The Crisis Webinar

A recording of our “Rebalancing Automation: Lessons from the Crisis” webinar with Greg Slater, CIO of Altum Wealth, and Bill Martin, CIO of Intrust Bank.

Greg Slater, CIO of Altium Wealth, and Bill Martin, CIO of Intrust Bank, joined me for a webinar on rebalancing automation, with lessons from the recent crisis. Bill and Greg shared how they approached rebalancing and client reactions in a volatile market. 


Many clients we spoke with were not hearing from their other advisors as much as they heard from us. And if they did, they commented that they didn’t see any activity in their accounts. So it’s just a testament that it’s really tough to do both very well…{W}e were able to dive in and handle both of those at a large scale.

Greg Slater, Altium Wealth 

I heard from several [peer banks and wealth managers] that mentioned, ‘We’re just going to sit tight and not rebalance’. And to me...that’s a mistake. The greatest opportunity that was given to our taxable clients was in the midst of this volatility.

Bill Martin, INTRUST Bank 


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