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What Your Peers Are Saying About Automated Rebalancing

Highlights from conversations with our users.

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We’ve written before about Old vs. New Wealth Management, backed by the power of automated rebalancing. We recently asked some users for their thoughts on how automated rebalancing has affected them, and we thought we’d share what we heard.

The quotes are from Smartleaf users, but they are less testimonials of Smartleaf than of the power of reengineering rebalancing workflows around rebalancing automation.


$6B Midwestern Regional Trust

[If we didn’t have Smartleaf,] we would have to go back to a mutual fund model and ETF model, and I would probably look for another job. The day to day analysis and running accounts we wouldn’t be able to do without Smartleaf. We would have to change our business model.
Overlay Manager

It’s like how life changed from before and after Email. We now have holistic trading. It’s hugely different. Without Smartleaf, we’d lose a major part of our competitive advantage and value that we provide to our clients.

As a firm we’ve shifted our branding to goals-based and tax alpha, so any conversation with tax alpha puts Smartleaf front and center. We may not use the Smartleaf name, but Smartleaf is the backbone.
Portfolio Manager



I can’t even imagine not having Smartleaf.
Overlay Manager

If we didn’t have Smartleaf, a lot more time would be spent looking at the portfolios instead of spending time with clients.
Portfolio Manager


$5B Western Regional Trust

I use Smartleaf as a tool to demonstrate value for our prospective clients. It allows us to tell a story; for instance, we were able to save a new client thousands of dollars in taxes per quarter by utilizing Smartleaf to inform both our short-term and longer-term tax strategies. The program makes it easy to demonstrate the savings clients can achieve by actively tax-managing their accounts.

I would be happy to tell anyone the benefits [of Smartleaf] versus trying to calculate manually what Smartleaf does in a matter of moments…It frees up so much time to focus on other aspects of my job, like servicing client needs.
Portfolio Manager


There are multiple themes here:

    • More holistic approach
    • Ability to handle more complex accounts
    • Greater customization and tax management
    • Greater simplicity and efficiency
    • More time with clients

Some firms put greater emphasis on some benefits versus others, but you don’t have to choose. With a re-engineered approach to portfolio management built around automated rebalancing, you can achieve all of them simultaneously.


President, Co-Founder