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2019 Smartleaf Taxes Saved Report

How much Smartleaf users saved their clients in taxes in 2019.


Our 2019 Taxes Saved numbers are in!

Smartleaf's account-level Taxes Saved Report enables advisors to document the value the advisor is adding through tax management for each of their clients. Last year, Smartleaf users saved their clients an average of 1.77% of assets that were actively tax-managed. This is more than most advisors charge in fees.


The total taxes saved in 2019 was $282,008,128.43. Here are a few things you could buy with the savings:

45,251 tickets to Super Bowl LIV

18,800 first-class around-the-world airline tickets

517 solid gold pianos

3 personal submarines


To learn more about our taxes saved report, reach out or view a sample copy here.

President, Co-Founder