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Smartleaf Launches New Low Cost Direct Indexes with Alpha Vee Partnership

Smartleaf partners with Alpha Vee to provide direct index models to Smartleaf’s clients at 3 to 5 bps.

Boston, MA, October 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/

Smartleaf announced today it is partnering with Alpha Vee to provide Smartleaf clients access to groundbreaking low cost direct index models. Prices start at 5 bps, lowering to 3 bps at volume.

This offering enables Smartleaf clients to provide their clients with radically lower-priced alternatives to actively managed models and cost-competitive alternatives to ETFs and mutual funds. Direct index portfolios managed through the Smartleaf system are tax optimized and clients are able to apply security, sector and ESG screens.

The US Large Cap 100, US Large Cap Dividend 100, and US Mid Cap 100 models are designed to track broad market-cap exposure to US large cap, large cap value and mid cap stocks respectively. Each index will contain approximately 100 stocks.

Leigh Eichel, CEO of Alpha Vee Solutions Group, added “We’ve applied the power of technology to set a new price point for direct index models. This is only the beginning. We intend to be the leaders of a revolution in direct index models and will release our best ideas including the leading Top 5 Sector and Treasuries model on the Smartleaf platform.”

Jerry Michael, Smartleaf’s President, commented, “The price of direct index models is decreasing, and we’re very pleased to be an engine of that change. With Alpha Vee models, we’ve reached a point where direct index models are competitive in price with ETFs and mutual funds. When you add the superior tax management and customization options available to direct index investors, the flow of assets away from mutual funds and ETFs to direct indexes will only accelerate.”


About Smartleaf
Smartleaf re-engineers portfolio management to enable wealth advisory firms to effortlessly deliver exceptional tax management and customization to every client, at unprecedented scale. Our software platform is used by some of the nation’s largest firms to manage 50 billion in assets — everything from custom-tailored $66MM taxable UMA accounts to $5 robo accounts with fractional shares.

We allow firms to move upmarket by offering industry-leading transition, customization and tax optimization services. And we help firms implement hyper-efficient delivery models to economically serve the emerging mass affluent — all with one system. To learn more, visit


About Alpha Vee
Alpha Vee Solutions Ltd. is a global leader in equity research and investment systems. Custom Index research includes smart beta, multi factor, dynamic, ESG long/short and equity/fixed income. Our focus is to support managers looking to build and improve the best consistently performing products over entire economic regimes. The methods are unique, groundbreaking and assist leading managers to outperform their peers. To learn more, visit


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