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Smartleaf's Top Blog Posts of 2021

Automated rebalancing, direct indexing, the launch of Smartleaf Asset Management — and more.



We’ve compiled a list of this year’s top posts, as measured by reader interest. The top topics: automated rebalancing, direct indexing, and the launch of Smartleaf Asset Management


1. How to Choose A Rebalancing System

We present you six questions that will help you select the right rebalancing system. The point is not to recommend specific systems, but to help you decide what type of rebalancer best fits your needs. 


2. What it Takes to Manage Complex Portfolios at Scale

Technology is changing portfolio rebalancing by automating formerly manual processes. The payoff is enormous: rebalancing automation enables wealth managers to do more for less all at a lower cost. But what does it look like to redesign the portfolio management process?


3. The Direct Index Domino Effect

It all starts with direct indexes replacing ETFs and mutual funds, but, like falling dominoes, each change leads to another: the rise of outsourcing, the rise of total outsourcing, the rise of customization and tax management, and a change in the role of the advisor.


4. What Can Rebalancing Automation do For You? Eight Questions to Ask

We put together eight questions drawn from our clients’ experiences that highlight what you could accomplish. The focus is not on features and functions, but on capabilities -- what rebalancing automation allows you to do that perhaps you can’t do now. 


5. SAM, from Smartleaf

SAM (Smartleaf Asset Management LLC) announces the launch of its automated subadvisory rebalancing service, which leverages the pioneering automated rebalancing platform of its parent company, Smartleaf, Inc. 


6. Webinar Recording, ETFs & Direct Indexing: What Advisors Need to Know

Ben McMillan of IDX Insights & Leigh Eichel of Alpha Vee recently joined me for a webinar on direct indexing. We answered questions, such as: What is a direct index? What are they becoming popular? What are the advantages of direct indexes relative to ETFs and mutual funds?



We are grateful to our readers for an exceptional year. As always, we appreciate your feedback — let us know your thoughts,  including topics you’d like us to cover in the future.

President, Co-Founder